The Start of Everything.


Peak Heating and Cooling had its inception through the joint efforts of the Ochoa brothers: Marcos, Juan, Adan, Angel, and Jose. This amalgamation of skills and their unwavering determination paved the way for Peak’s remarkable expansion. From the start, they were resolute in their mission to establish a company that fostered an environment where success was shared by all. With this vision in mind, they embarked on this long journey.

Humble Beginnings.

The Red Barn.

The red pole barn that housed Peak Heating and Cooling during its early days held a special significance for the Ochoa brothers. It symbolized their modest beginnings and their close ties to Grant, Michigan, where they were raised. This unassuming structure in the heart of downtown Grant served as the birthplace of their business and became a hub of hard work, determination, and innovation.

Within the confines of the red barn, the five brothers poured their heart and soul into the company, working together to provide exceptional heating and cooling services. They tackled every challenge with a hands-on approach, using their diverse skill sets to build a solid foundation for the business.

As their reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction spread, the demand for Peak’s expertise surged rapidly. The small red barn soon became a hive of activity, buzzing with a growing team of dedicated professionals who shared the Ochoa brothers’ passion for excellence.

The red barn held more than just the seeds of a successful business for the Ochoa brothers; it was a place where camaraderie flourished, dreams were shared, and lasting bonds were forged. As their enterprise grew, the humble barn became a symbol of their ambition and resilience, a constant reminder of the challenges they had conquered and the unwavering vision they pursued – to build a thriving company that uplifted both themselves and their community. However, the rapid expansion of their services demanded more space, leading them to embrace the next phase of their inspiring journey. Leaving behind the red barn, they carried its spirit of hard work and dedication as they continued to sow the seeds of success with Peak Heating and Cooling.

The Next Step.

Reaching the Peak

As Peak Heating and Cooling experienced remarkable growth, the necessity for a more established location became evident. This led the business to relocate to Grand Rapids, MI, where they found a large warehouse to accommodate their expanding operations.

If you ask the owners of Peak Heating and Cooling about their journey to success, they’ll tell you it was a thrilling ride with a major turning point. As the company grew, the need for a more established location emerged, leading them to make a bold move to Grand Rapids, MI, where they secured a spacious warehouse. Little did they know that this decision would pave the way for phenomenal growth. It was a whole new adventure for Peak, and every step was filled with excitement and valuable lessons.

However, the real game-changer came when they decided to connect with other visionary company owners across the nation, sharing their ambitious dreams. The power of networking transformed their trajectory, propelling them forward at an astonishing pace. With newfound knowledge, inspiration, and support from like-minded entrepreneurs, Peak Heating and Cooling became an unstoppable force.

Their story of triumph continued to unfold as they expanded their operations to various locations across Michigan, including Traverse City, Holland, and Baldwin.

Dream Team

The Goats

In the collective spirit of Peak Heating and Cooling, the future lies within the heart of the team. Together, they embody the very essence of the company, and their continuous growth serves as the driving force propelling them forward.

The red barn, though modest, held the seeds of the greatest of all time, The Goat, symbolizing Peak Heating and Cooling’s indomitable spirit and readiness to serve all our customers with unmatched dedication and excellence. From those humble beginnings, the team at Peak has grown into a force to be reckoned with.

Drawing inspiration from the goat, the team embodies tenacity, perseverance, and the willingness to go above and beyond for every customer. With the red barn as a reminder of their roots, they stay grounded in their commitment to providing exceptional service.

As we march forward, the Peak team remains focused on their goal of becoming industry leaders. They stand strong, ready to overcome any obstacle, and continue to build lasting relationships with their customers, driven by the unwavering spirit of The Goat – the emblem of their enduring success.